Album of 2014: Majamisty TriO – Love

Majamisty TrioMy Album of 2014:   Majamisty TriO –  Love stands ahead of very tough competition.  On the list I had Phronesis –  Life to Everything, Gwilym Simcock and Yuri Goloubev   – Reverie at Schloss Elmau ,  Mehliana  – Taming the Dragon,  Marcin Wasilewski Trio  – Spark of Life  and sneaking in –  in late October-  Majamisty TriO  –  Love reviewed here.   The year was one of great personal change – the loss of a very long term career and all the comfortable life that went with it,  a disastrous short contract taken on the rebound, deep questioning of my purpose in life.  And yet, overall the year has been filled with wondrous sounds, wonderful conversations  and opportunities I had no idea would await me.  So if this choice is unorthodox then it’s because this  year has been unlike any other.  A chance meeting in Belgrade led to this album.  And Love  represents a “recall to life” for me.  You won’t have heard of  Serbian pianist Maja Alvanovic  or this album I expect.  But check it out, its fragility, its deep roots, its beauty will impress you.  There is an album on the horizon for 2015 which is also going to add much to my life but I can’t tell you about that til next year!

 Mary James 8 December 2014

2 thoughts on “Album of 2014: Majamisty TriO – Love”

  1. thanks so much for this Mary. I now see it is available in digital format from the usual outlets. Will report back when i have had a chance to listen properly but happy to buy unheard/unknown to me, on your recommendation.

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